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    Impact + Innovation

    This Issue: Enhancing education and diversity in research

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    Our Research Areas

    Our Research Areas

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    Women's College Hospital | Research|– October 19th

    RT @WCHospital: TOMORROW! Join the #EGA_Chat as part of the #WomensAgeLab's #EndGenderedAgeism Campaign. We will be discussing the impact o…

    Women's College Hospital | Research|– October 18th

    RT @WCHIndigenous: Announcing the annual Peggy Hill Lecture on Indigenous Health, Nov 3, 5:30-7:30 PM. Morningstar Mecredi author of Sacre…

    Women's College Hospital | Research|– October 18th

    #Polypharmacy increases older adults' risk for inappropriate and unsafe prescribing. Identifying potentially inappr… https://t.co/KfARUIKmZr

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